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What is CHEERS?

CHEERS stands for Creating Healthy Eating & active EnviRonments Survey. Development of this tool began in 2009 and assesses the nutrition and physical activity environments in the child care setting...

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The CHEERS survey is available for child care centres in Alberta. In order to access the survey click on the 'Assessment tool' button.

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Child care providers play an important and collaborative role with families in the development of healthy children. Child care and early education programs can support healthy eating and active environments by using ‘best practices’ based on Canadian nutrition and physical activity standards for the early years.


The Creating Healthy Eating & active Environments Survey (CHEERS) for child care provides centres with an evidenced-based tool to evaluate and receive a feedback report that will support action plans promoting healthy eating and physical activity in their own centre.

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CHEERS Champions

Hear what our champions have to say!

I think my biggest successes are my children are coming up to me and taking things from their lunch and saying, “Is this a healthy choice?” And they are three [years old]! And I think with us educating them they are starting to get it, and they are going home and telling their parents as well. With my after-school kids they have even noticed, and they come up to me and say, “Teacher, there [are] a lot more healthy choices on our menu and we love it.” So that, to me, is a success story.

-Childcare Educator

Everything we have talked about over the past few weeks has opened my eyes to what kind of things we could offer the children, and how to encourage them to do healthy eating when we are in the centre by offering them healthy choices and talking about those healthy choices and why we have made the choice to serve this meal, or serve this food item, because it offers nourishment to our bodies, rather than just filling our bellies.

-Childcare Educator

From us doing this and eating our fruits and vegetables during snack time, or different things like that, and drinking lots of water throughout the day we find the kids … we are role modelling it throughout the day so they are doing it now and we hear the kids telling the parents.

-Childcare Educator

For me, myself, I have learned to actually take time, and sit down and enjoy the meal with the kids and take time to talk to them. I am quite a busy person and now I have changed that way of thinking…personally, I am actually starting to eat healthier. When you are busy and you are working a twelve hour day, you just go home and you grab whatever because you are tired, but now I am conscious of it because I am doing it for the children, I should be doing it for myself as well, so that is one [big] thing I have taken out of this CHEERS project, and I am grateful for.

-Childcare Educator